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At Ivy Consultants, we understand that achieving success in admissions requires more than just test preparation. That's why we have assembled a team of experts with a wealth of experience in preparing students for entry tests, as well as current high school exams, assignments, and various competitions.

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Interview Preparation

Our tutorials meticulously prepare you for college interviews in the UK and US, focusing on the distinct priorities of each academic culture. We offer coaching, including mock interviews and personalized feedback, to ensure you convey your strengths and aspirations with clarity and confidence. This preparation not only enhances your communication skills but also familiarizes you with the specific expectations of admissions committees in these regions, ensuring you make a lasting impression.

SAT / ACT Exam Preparation

At Ivy Consultants, we provide a personalised scheme preparing students for universities in the United States. The SAT and ACT exams are standardised tests commonly used for college admission. Our team of experts have years of experience tutoring prospective students, focusing on both qualitative and quantitative skills. Preparing students to succeed in the SAT/ACT exams is a priority for us!

AP / IB / Matriculation / A-Levels Exams

Ivy Consultants specializes in guiding students to excel in challenging standardized exams such as AP, IB, Matriculation Exams, and A-Levels. Our tailored support includes comprehensive study strategies, practice materials, and personalized coaching to empower you for success. Let us be your partner in achieving outstanding results and unlocking opportunities for a brighter educational future.

Olympiads and Contests Preparation

At Ivy Consultants, we understand that excelling in academic Olympiads and competitions requires not only knowledge but also specialized preparation. Whether you aspire to participate in mathematics, science, or any other challenging contests, we offer a comprehensive program to hone your skills. Our experienced mentors provide targeted training, in-depth study materials, and hands-on guidance to help you reach your full potential.

SSAT Exam Preparation

Ivy Consultants help students with admissions to prestigious boarding schools. As many schools use the SSAT exam to verify the skills and knowledge of students grades 3-11, we offer well-rounded preparation for it. This provides students with the best chance to succeed at applying to their desired high school, also paving the way for a great university application.

TOEFL / IELTS Exam Preparation

At Ivy Consultants, we understand that the first step to international education is a language certificate. As this is a necessary requirement for studying abroad, our team of mentors provides excellent guidance on TOEFL/IELTS Exam. From mastering speaking skills to practising writing essays and short answers, we guarantee comprehensive and accessible language practise.

GMAT Exam Preparation

We acknowledge the needs of our postgraduate applications, thus we strive to provide the best GMAT Exam preparation, based on the course and university of desires. GMAT is a standardized test specifically designed for applicants interested in graduate business programs, including MBAs. To succeed with the application process, the mentors will prepare the students to excel in graduate schemes.

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Each year, our mentees are accepted to study at the best schools in the world. Our students have chosen to pursue various degrees ranging from Law, Medine, or Architecture to Security and Diplomacy Studies.

I was accepted to Harvard College and University of Cambridge thanks to the support from Ivy mentors. I was able to achieve my dreams through learning from successful mentors.


Ivy Consultants professionally helped to thoroughly prepare all the necessary documents and projects. The result of our work was a true success! I got accepted at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania.


of our mentees receive an admission offer to a school in the UK or USA


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of our applicants to the Russel Group (UK's top 24 schools) receive an offer of admission


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