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Streamlined Academic Journey: Focus on Preparation, Not Research

At Ivy Consultants, our mentorship program is expertly tailored to remove the burdens of navigating through the complexities of academic applications and admissions, allowing you to dedicate your energy to personal and academic preparation. We provide you with resources to help you decide what and where to study, ensuring you're fully prepared for your academic journey without the stress of missing any crucial steps. This streamlined approach guarantees you focus on enhancing your potential, supported by our comprehensive guidance.

Discover Your Passion and Path

Our program connects you with current and former students from the world's leading universities, offering you a rare glimpse into the life and studies at institutions like Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, and other. Through these conversations, you expand your horizons, gaining insights into what it truly means to be an engineer, a medical student, or an artist at these esteemed instutitions.

Tailored Advice for Every Age and Stage

Whether you're an ambitious 12-year-old or a graduate exploring your next step, our mentors are here to guide you. They provide bespoke advice tailored to your age, interests, and potential. Our youngest mentees, barely in their teens, have discovered pathways and passions they never knew existed, setting ambitious yet achievable goals for their future.

Crafting Your Peak Potential

Our mentoring doesn't just focus on the immediate. We're dedicated to charting a path that enables you to reach the peak of your potential come application time. From deciding what to study to understanding the nuances of campus life, our mentors equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about your future.

Real Conversations, Real Insights

Engage in candid discussions with individuals who've walked the path you're considering. Learn from their experiences, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them. These insights provide an invaluable perspective, helping you forge your own path with greater clarity and confidence.

Your Journey Starts Here

With Ivy Consultants, your educational dreams and career aspirations are within your reach. Join our mentoring program and start navigating your path today.

Alumni Spotlight

Hear from our students

Each year, our mentees are accepted to study at the best schools in the world. Our students have chosen to pursue various degrees ranging from Law, Medine, or Architecture to Security and Diplomacy Studies.

I was accepted to Harvard College and University of Cambridge thanks to the support from Ivy mentors. I was able to achieve my dreams through learning from successful mentors.


Ivy Consultants professionally helped to thoroughly prepare all the necessary documents and projects. The result of our work was a true success! I got accepted at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania.


of our mentees receive an admission offer to a school in the UK or USA


have trusted Ivy Consultants and fulfilled their educational dreams


of our applicants to the Russel Group (UK's top 24 schools) receive an offer of admission


of our applicants get admitted to a university in the United Kingdom

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