Krzysztof Daniewski

Founder and CEO

Founder & CEO of Ivy Consultants | Forbes 50 after 50

About Krzysztof

Krzysztof is a self-motivated Harvard Business School graduate with impressive international experience in banking but also a passionate change-maker – he teaches and mentors young people from around the world on their journey to college and beyond.

Having noticed that gifted Polish teenagers are too fearful and self-diffident to apply to the top world universities, he initiated in 2010 a nation-wide competition “Droga na Harvard”, with its main prize being a 10-day trip to Cambridge, MA. The competition was granted a patronage of the President of Poland.

When soon after that aim seemed accomplished as the number of Poles seeking admission to most prestigious schools increased, Krzysztof started The Ivy Poland Foundation and Ivy Consultants Sp. z o.o. offering educational loans and scholarships, counseling, online tutorials, university applications' and career advice.

Having served as a mentor to hundreds of young Poles Krzysztof moved into educational counseling of young students from other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. His organisation with offices in Warsaw and London - Ivy Consultants - employs over 200 top students from universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, Imperial, LSE and others helping students reach their educational goals.