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What unique consulting and mentoring services do we offer at Ivy Consultants?

At Ivy Consultants, we offer individualized consulting and mentoring through experienced tutors from the world's best universities, tailoring our approach to each student's needs to help them unlock their fullest potential and secure admission to prestigious universities worldwide.

Can you share more about our expertise and experience in education consulting?

With over 15 years of experience in education consulting, we leverage our extensive knowledge about the application process and industry insights to provide unparalleled guidance and support, ensuring our mentees' academic success.

Are there any testimonials from past mentees about their experiences with Ivy Consultants?

Yes, we have received glowing testimonials from past mentees who have been accepted to prestigious institutions like Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania, highlighting the effectiveness of our support and preparation.

How do we approach the application process at Ivy Consultants?

Our approach is comprehensive, including building a personalized plan, school selection, exam preparation, activity guidance, essay writing support, and interview preparation, all tailored to each student's goals and profile.

What is our success rate in securing admission offers for our mentees?

A significant number of our mentees receive admission offers to top schools in the UK and USA, with a notable success rate for applicants to the Russel Group and other UK universities.